Google Maps Shows Walking Distance As Calories And People Are Pissed

We are more than certain this move was implemented with the hopes of encouraging Google Maps users to get motivated to walk more instead of driving, all in the quest for a healthier lifestyle.

Users took to Twitter to voice their dislike of the feature, the criticisms ranging from the feature being simply annoying to it being a form of fat-shaming and promoting an over-emphasis on calorie counting-a key behavior in eating disorders. Men are seeking help for eating disorders now more than ever-here's how one guy overcame an eating disorder that almost killed him.

The reasoning was that calories are an abstract number to many people, and displaying them as cupcake equivalents would make the number more meaningful.

Some users were especially upset that the app used mini cupcakes to put the burned calories into perspective, framing food as a reward for exercise, or exercise as a prerequisite for food. If you already have walking selected, the calories are shown in the step-by-step directions, but not the map.

Google has ditched a feature from its hugely-popular navigation app on iOS, thanks to "strong user feedback". On the other hand, the potential public health impact of the feature might have been lost were it not enabled by default. Google estimates how many calories and mini cupcakes one would burn by walking on the route selected. Plus, if you're looking to get or stay in shape, you can also check out our roundup of The 25 Best Fitness Apps of 2017.

And although this new Maps feature might sound similar to how some restaurants are required to show calorie counts on menus, this is more aggressive.

On Monday night, Google pulled the feature, which it said was an experiment on its iOS app. "Now you can visit these places-along with many other planets and moons-in Google Maps right from your computer".

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