Al Michaels taking heat for tasteless Harvey Weinstein joke during Giants game

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Michaels made the comments during NBC's Sunday Night Football, which regularly draws audiences in excess of 25 million.

During the third quarter of the game between the New York Giants and the Denver Broncos, Michaels compared the Giants to the disgraced movie mogul.

Cris Collinsworth, who was Michaels' broadcast partner for the night, shared an awkward chuckle and tried to redirect the conversation immediately having sensed how inappropriate the joke was.

The veteran sportscaster was analyzing the New York Giants' awful start to the season when he dropped the reference in the fourth quarter as the team were up against the Denver Broncos.

'Did that really just happen?'

"Sorry I made a reference earlier", the 72-year-old broadcaster said.

The comment triggered an immediate uproar on social media and Michaels apologized later in the broadcast. It was not meant in that manner.

Meanwhile Colleen Wolfe, an National Football League host and reporter in Los Angeles, said: 'I didn't just hear Al Michaels say the Giants are coming off a worse week than Harvey Weinstein. "So my apologies, and we will just leave it at that".

Michaels is the latest public figure to find themselves in hot water for a joke about the Weinstein allegations.

That joke caught the attention of everybody since Weinstein has been all over the news for the past week after he was accused of sexually harassing and assaulted more than a dozen women.

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