Pope urges United States to stick with Paris climate deal

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Pope Francis has asked world governments to collectively work to end rising world hunger by working to stop the conflicts and climate-change related disasters that force people to leave their homes in search of their daily bread.

Speaking to mark World Food Day at the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) headquarters in Rome, the Catholic leader said migration should be a voluntary choice.

"It is clear that wars and climate change are an occasion for hunger, so let us avoid, then, presenting it as an incurable illness".

U.S. President Donald Trump announced the decision in June shortly after visiting the pope, a strong supporter of the deal.

He praised initiatives such as the 2015 Paris Climate Accord, and urged nations to uphold the agreement. Francis drew a standing ovation Monday at the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization, where he marked the U.N.'s World Food Day by calling for governments to work together to tackle the interconnected problems of hunger, global warming and migration.

"To save lives, we need to rebuild the environment in which people live, reinforcing their resilience and ensuring their livelihoods to offer them the possibility of a dignified way of life", he said. The FAO has said that around 815 million people - 11% of the global population - do not have enough to eat after the first rise in global hunger in over a decade.

The Catholic leader's words came on the heels of a recent United Nations report that showed an increase in people suffering from chronic hunger on account of climate change-related disasters and conflicts.

"It is a cooperation that I think will continue to grow and strengthen as migration continues to be a megatrend in the world, which will become only greater with the worsening effects of climate change", Swing said.

"We can not limit ourselves to pity, because pity stops with emergency aid while love inspires justice and is essential to create a just social order", Francis said.

"Goodwill and dialogue are needed to stop conflicts", he said, "and it is necessary to fully commit to gradual and systematic disarmament" as well as stop the "terrible plague of arms trafficking".

"For this reason, I ask myself, and also you: Would it be exaggerated to introduce in the language of global cooperation the category of love, conjugated as gratitude, equality of treatment, solidarity, the culture of gift, fraternity, mercy?" he said, adding that these words express the practical meaning of the word "humanitarian", often used in the worldwide community. The statue, made of pure white Carrara marble, depicts a child-like angel weeping over the boy's lifeless body.

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