European Union foreign ministers approve new sanctions on N. Korea

Australian foreign minister Julie Bishop and defence minister Marise Payne at the North Korean border

Australian foreign minister Julie Bishop says it isn't a primary target of North Korea's, despite its direct threat of "disaster" for imposing political and military pressure on them.

According to Sky News, #Boris Johnson the Foreign Secretary said in a statement: " North Korea continues to pose a threat which is unacceptable to the global community, which is why the United Kingdom, working closely with the European Union, has secured a set of stringent new sanctions.

The latest country to be threatened by North Korea was Australia after they aligned themselves with the USA against its regime.

North Korea has criticised and threatened Australia for aligning itself with South Korea and the United States and for its attitude toward the Pyongyang regime, according to state-run media.

"Australia is showing unsafe moves of zealously joining the frenzied political and military provocations of the U.S.", said the North Korean spokesperson.

Keane said that the US government will try to dissuade its allies' nuclear pursuit at least while it seeks to resolve the North Korea issue through economic sanctions and diplomatic means.

Kim has fired scores of missile test this year and detonated a H-bomb as the fears of war reach fever pitch in the Korean Peninsula.

A leading North Korean lawmaker has said it was US antics that compelled Pyongyang to develop and successfully test what was by far its most powerful nuclear weapon yet.

An said specifically that North Korea had the mind when it tested its first hydrogen bomb last month.

In August around 25 Australian defence personnel took part in the Ulchi-Freedom Guardian exercise, a large-scale simulated military operation staged regularly by US and South Korean military forces.

According to the news agency, Bishop expressed her country's support for the USA stance in using all options, including military force, against North Korea, ABC News reported.

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