DOOM to Arrive on Nintendo Switch on November 10

Doom for Switch Release Date Announced by Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch version of Doom has been given a release date, and there's not long to wait.

While developing this new Doom reboot, originally released for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, Martin and Stratton saw the need to focus on the heart of the formula: the carnage.

Doom is coming to Switch on November 10, Nintendo and Bethesda announced today.

The news was delivered in the form of an id Software developer interview where creative director Hugo Martin and executive producer Marty Stratton dive into how the port differs from the original release. If people want to slay demons or kill Nazis on Switch, they'll have to open their wallet as a sign of encouragement. "They basically took that and ran with it. and really tailored the tech for that hardware without watering anything down".

The Switch port is being handled by developer Panic Button, which is also working on the console's version of Rocket League, among other projects.

Developing for the Switch, which has handheld functionality at the forefront, does seem to have led to some limitations.

"You won't find another game like this on the Nintendo Switch right now, which is what I think we're really excited about", Stratton said.

On the single player front, the Switch version will include the ultra-nightmare mode in which the game deletes your save file if you die. But in just a few weeks you'll be able to judge that for yourself, when DOOM launches on November 10th. Which is essentially all of it, the entire single player campaign, all difficulty modes, all DLCs, the Arcade mode, and all multiplayer content.

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