Woman finds shark found in swimming pool, throws it back into ocean

Not keen on finishing her swim early a Sydney women decided to throw the pesky shark out of the pool

Her video of casually transferring a shark from a pool back into the ocean has left people thoroughly impressed.

Sydney real estate agent Melissa Hatheier was swimming in the Oak Park rock pool near Cronulla when she spotted the shark trapped in a rock pool, presumably because of the low tide.

The police arrived but didn't know what to do, so Hatheier jumped in to see if she could help.

Earlier this year, it was reported that an an Australian diver regularly takes selfies with a shark of the same breed since he befriended six years ago.

Her daughter Shannon captured video of the rescue, and the footage has made Hatheier a hero, as well as a viral sensation. She lifted it up and turned it over on its back so that it wouldn't move.

"I wouldn't have done it with a great white", she said.

The video posted on Cronulla Real Estate's Facebook page garnered over 100,000 views and 900 shares at the time of publishing this article. She isn't sure if the shark was indeed a Port Jackson or another type.

"He wasn't that heavy but his skin was very rough, like sandpaper", said Hatheier, describing the shark to The Leader. "I saw it, it was just a small nurse shark, I told myself that I just had to throw it away", told the Australian ABC.

The crowd of onlookers cheered after she tossed the shark into the ocean, to which she raised her arms in triumph. "If it had big teeth I wouldn't have done it".

"I was just trying to catch a little shark", she said.

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