Well, It Looks Like Equifax Has Been Hacked Again

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Equifax - the credit-reporting company that exposed the sensitive data of over 140 million people earlier this year - took one of its customer help web pages offline earlier today in response to reports that site was infecting visitors' computers with malware.

"As I tried to find my credit report on the Equifax website I clicked on an Equifax link and was redirected to a malicious URL", Abrahms wrote.

In what could be yet another incident of hacking, Equifax has taken down a web page because of suspicion that it had been manipulated.

An independent security analyst reportedly found on Wednesday that the company's website was attacked by hackers who attempted to install fraudulent Adobe Flash updates created to infect computers with malware, according to Ars Technica.

Equifax's stock plunged at the news of the latest breach, a Wall Street Journal reporter noted on Twitter. Multiple federal and state agencies have started investigating the matter since this information was unveiled.

Credit card numbers for about 209,000 USA consumers, and certain dispute documents with personal identifying information of 182,000 US consumers, were accessed.

The company said the problem is in its credit report assistance link on its website.

Last month, Equifax revealed that the hackers exploited a USA website application vulnerability to gain access to certain files, which included names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, mailing addresses, and driver's license numbers.

After the first breach was disclosed in September, several actions were taken. Equifax did not say who the third party vendor was.

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