After Plastic Surgery In South Korea, Chinese Women Detained At Airport

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Three Chinese women could not return home from South Korea where they went for plastic surgery.

But a trio of Chinese women have faced a major headache when trying to prove they were the women in their passport photos after undergoing plastic surgery on their trip.

A Chinese TV anchor Jian Huahua, shared a photo to her Weibo account, where the three women can be seen with passports in their hands and their faces heavily bandaged and swollen up after the surgery.

Post-surgery swelling and bandages put the three women in a hard situation during passport control, when South Korean officers could not identify the women by their IDs.

This isn't the first Golden Week travel problem, either; past year, 100 Chinese tourists spent up to five days of their holiday stranded in an airport, having been denied entry to South Korea's Jeju Island.

Reports stated Jian also said in her caption: "Even your own mother would not recognize you".

The photo racked up 51,000 likes and 23,000 shares on social media, according to the report.

It wasn't clear how long they remained at the airport - and if they were able to return to China as of Monday morning.

South Korea is being recognized as the plastic surgery capital of the world and is regarded as "natural and harmless".

The New Yorker reported the majority of people going under the knife in the country are women in their late-teens and early twenties hoping to enhance their facial features.

South Korea is known for these plastic surgeries that make women look more "western". It is not known what proportion is for plastic surgery.

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