Utah parents left 3-year-old at corn maze

Boy lost at Utah corn maze left overnight in state custody

According to staff at the Crazy Corn Maze, the boy was emotional, but finally calmed down when a West Jordan officer put a movie on her laptop for the child, reports CBS affiliate KUTV.

He says the boy was cold and frightened but unhurt when someone else found him at the maze Monday evening.

The owner of the corn maze said the boy was scared and crying, and could not tell them much except how old he was, and the name of his brother and his cat.

The owners took the boy to a police station where officers contacted child and family services.

Schmidt, 42, from South Jordan, said it is not unusual for family members to get lost or separated in the corn maze, so when someone first found the toddler, "we weren't in panic mode right away".

Authorities cared for the child until his mother called police at about 7:45 a.m. Tuesday when she realized her son was missing.

They waited about 30 minutes for the family to come looking for him.

The child is now back with parents.

"The fact that it took so long for them to realize the child was missing - was it purely an accident?"

Investigators went to the house and said several families live there together with several children between them.

There have been no charges in association with Monday's incident.

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