Sylvester Stallone To Direct And Produce 'Creed 2'

Sylvester Stallone To Direct And Produce 'Creed 2'

While Stallone's more recent directorial ventures have been, to put it bluntly, incredibly boring (he was last seen helming the ambitious and bafflingly successful The Expendables), he at least here already has a solid blueprint from Coogler to work with.

Creed 2 is due out next year. The star has now revealed who will direct Creed 2-himself. Stallone will take over Ryan Coogler as the film's director with Michael B. Jordan reprising his role as the titular character.

Released in 2015, Creed focused not on Rocky but on the son of another boxing champion, Apollo Creed, who went from nemesis to manager and friend over the course of four films.

Creed impressed critics and performed beyond expectations, grossing $173 million worldwide. Stallone also shared a photograph of himself standing with Michael.

With the project still a few months away from the start of production, it's understandable that we don't know too much about Creed 2 just yet. Another photo on Instagram showed him and Jordan training with the caption, "Getting stronger!"

Creed 2 is now expected in theaters sometime during 2019.

Actor Sylvester Stallone arrives at the 88th Academy Awards nominees luncheon in Beverly Hills, California, February 8, 2016.

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