Upcoming Twitter feature lets you save tweets without hitting 'like'

Upcoming Twitter feature lets you save tweets without hitting 'like'

An announcement stemming from the Twitter accounts of several high-level Twitter employees, including Keith Coleman, vice president of Product, indicates a "save it for later" feature could be headed to the social media platform.

When a user will save a tweet, a bar will appear along with a shortcut saying "View Bookmarks". "We'll be Tweeting to ask for feedback, and share our thinking as we compare designs, experiment, do research, and more", Shah added, with emphasis. On clicking the option, the tweet gets bookmarked and saved to the bookmark channel. Earlier, people found a number of other ideas to save the tweets for further use. They can also go through the slightly cumbersome task of direct messaging or emailing a tweet to themselves.

To that effect, Twitter replaced the original star icon to favorite tweets with hearts in late 2015.

Twitter is coming up with a "Save for Later" or Bookmarking feature to allow users to save tweets for reading later.

The plan of launching this feature was in the result of user's request, especially in Japan.

We may not be getting that edit tool we all desperately crave, but Twitter is reportedly working on another feature that could be massively useful. The tool will also increase productivity by giving leaders a quicker way to save tweets than the current workarounds.

A recent prototype shows that the feature is listed under the More menu, denoted by three dots, but this is likely going to be changed before the feature is released for all users.

This new feature, born out of Hack Wek, should provide an alternative that maintains a user's privacy. They include bookmarking with a heart, DM-ing them to themselves and even retweeting.

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