United Kingdom 'preparing for war with North Korea'

United Kingdom 'preparing for war with North Korea'

North Korean hackers stole key military documents from its enemy to the south during a major data breach a year ago, a South Korean lawmaker claimed Tuesday.

Among the stolen files was Operational Plan 5015 which contained up to date information on the North Korean leadership and plans to "decapitate" it, South Korean state news agency Yonhap reported.

The data, said to be 235 gigabytes of military documents, was stolen from the Defense Integrated Data Center in September 2016.

The South has taken an increasingly aggressive stance towards the North's belligerence amid back-and-forth threats of war between North Korea and Washington.

In one of his Tweets over the weekend, Trump wrote that diplomacy and United States policies have been unsuccessful, adding that "only one thing will work".

Trump also lambasted previous USA presidential administrations' for negotiating with North Korea.

Seoul had previously said that North Korea was likely responsible for the hack of the defense ministry's internet but never revealed that any information had been stolen.

Pyongyang conducted its fifth nuclear test on the anniversary of the founding day of North Korea past year.

The news agency cited Russian lawmaker Anton Morozov, who was in North Korea last week.

Pyongyang has denied responsibility for the cyber attack, scolding Seoul for "fabricating" claims of online attacks.

It comes as US Government officials say they fear North Korea could launch a missile on Tuesday, as the rogue nation celebrates a public holiday.

Analysts believed such a test could take place on Tuesday-which could be Monday in the US due to the time difference-marking the founding of North Korea's communist Worker's Party.

An unnamed unification ministry official was quoted by local media as saying that the DPRK should not infringe on the ownership rights of South Korean companies in the Kaesong Industrial Complex. The South Korean defense source also suggested that Trump might visit frontline islands.

Amid the nuclear weapons progress that North Korea has been making, its leader Kim Jong Un and Trump have exchanged a heated rhetoric, with insults between the two turning personal and risky each time they speak about the other.

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