Snapchat Introduces Context Cards

Snapchat has teamed up with several online services to enrich its platform, introducing a new feature called "Context Cards".

Snap will also let users link to other apps - like Uber or Lyft to book a ride, or OpenTable to make a reservation - though there won't be any way to make purchases directly inside Snapchat.

The new feature will pop up by swiping "More" at the bottom of snaps sent by users who agree to share their locations.

For now, only posts that use Geofilters or appear in Snap Map or Search will get the additional functionality. (The financial arrangements of these partnerships have not been disclosed.) You can also use Context Cards to check out more public snaps from the same area.

Users will be able to access basic information about the Snap such as the name of the place where it was taken, what kind of venue it is, and a rating from a partner like TripAdvisor.

Context Cards were produced with the help of Vurb, a mobile search company acquired by the Veince-based Snap 2016 for over $100 million, the company said.

The Context Cards will vary by type of venue and the information available about each location.

The Context Cards will always show you have most relevant information first.

The company said it plans to add more partners and additional information to Context Cards in the future.

Snapchat's latest update wants to make it harder for you to close the app once you've started Snapping.

These Stories are made up of Snaps submitted by members of the Snapchat community to the firm's "our story" collections while near these location, as well as imagery from partner organisations.

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