CT to sue over plan to gut federal clean power law

Coal smoke and steam vapor pour out of a power plant in Shippingport Pennsylvania

The EPA has not decided whether it will replace the Clean Power Plan, according to a draft of the proposal seen by Reuters on Friday, or whether or when it will propose a new rule to regulate emissions from existing power plants.

EPA administrator Scott Pruitt has repeatedly denied fundamental scientific facts about climate change. So far this year, USA utility giants including Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Inc., American Electric Power Co. and Xcel Energy Inc. have laid out plans to collectively spend billions on wind farms that'll replace aging coal-plants. But the agency said it would soon solicit information on a potential replacement.

For a look at what the death of the Clean Power Plan means for renewable energy, consider this: Since President Donald Trump signed the order to roll back the emissions-curbing rule, nearly $30 billion has been spent on solar and wind projects.

Obama's plan was created to cut US carbon dioxide emissions to 32 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030.

But trade organizations like the National Association of Manufacturers, which participated in a legal challenge to the plan, praised it.

Even so, the plan has been a factor in a wave of retirements of coal-fired plants, which also are being squeezed by lower costs for natural gas and renewable power and state mandates promoting energy conservation.

"This regulation was broader than what the law allows", said NAM Vice President Ross Eisenberg.

Industry groups cheered the planned repeal, saying it would reverse regulatory overreach by Obama and McCarthy.

The new plan will save an estimated 240 million tons of annual coal production and safeguard more than 27,000 mining jobs and nearly 100,000 additional jobs throughout the supply chain, he said.

Attorney General George Jepsen says CT will join other states in suing the Trump administration over its move to kill an Obama-era clean power plan aimed at reducing global warming.

Previously, the EPA had estimated that by 2030 the Clean Power Plan would prevent 90,000 asthma attacks and up to 3,600 premature deaths a year.

"No matter who is in the White House, the EPA is legally required to limit unsafe carbon pollution, and the Clean Power Plan is an achievable, affordable way to do that", said Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune.

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