Benchmarks show your iPhone might not be slowing down over time

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Apple has quietly released a new version of iTunes that reintroduces the iOS App Store and ringtones that were previously removed from the desktop software.

If so, it's most likely down to new-iPhone envy rather than anything that Apple has done: a new report from tech benchmark testing firm Futuremark shows that Apple in fact does a good job of maintaining the performance of older models when it releases a new version of iOS and new hardware.

Apple showcased new emojis earlier this year in July. The new emojis will be arriving as a fraction of iOS 11.1.

The new update of iOS 11.1 features hundreds of new emoji characters which I'm sure will go down well with those who make use of them a lot. First of all, Microsoft has updated the app's UI to look great on the upcoming iPhone X. iPhone X is Apple's upcoming flagship smartphone which has an unique notch on the top of the display.

After pulling access to the App Store via iTunes, Apple has chose to quietly release a version of its music, movies and eBook, and app management software that brings back desktop access to the store.

Since people have started using different types of chat apps and various stickers and emojis, Apple has made a decision to bring a bunch of new features to the iOS device's native Keyboard app.

If the ability to manage the apps from your iOS device (s) outweighs the caveats, you might want to install iTunes 12.6.3 on your desktop PC or Mac today.

While you might be fixated on iOS 11.1's new features you need to remember that this is a beta and betas are meant to catch issues before they appear in the final release. It might be worth actually downloading the beta releases for iOS 11.1 just for the new emojis alone. An update might add new features that use more resources or require more processing power, it further noted.

New versions of iOS and apps that roll out after a newer iPhone's release may simply not be optimised to work as well on processors inside older iPhone models.

Since Apple has chose to tease which emojis will be coming out with iOS 11.1, we thought we would give you a small rundown. Stay tuned with us and get regular updates on technology news, smartphones and more!

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