Google Clatters Apple by Using its Firearm and Rolling out Lavishing Smartphones

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Even though presumably both the Google Pixel 2 XL and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 capture high-quality images, one of them could snap better and nicer pictures. "We know that people tend to change their phone every 2-3 years so for Pixel 2, we are offering storage in line with that". The iPhone X camera hasn't been tested yet, but it is expected to be only slightly better than the iPhone 8 Plus because it features dual optical image stabilization.

The announcement of the new Google Pixel smartphone brought many surprises - some good and some bad.

According to the Senior Vice President of Google Hardware, Rick Osterloh and the VP of Hardware Product Management, Mario Queiroz, the new Pixel smartphones will still be sold online and offline but will focus more on offline sales. Neither of the phones comes with a microSD card so you don't have the option to extend their memory.

So, does this mean you can look forward to the same quality of photos if you pick up a Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL?

If you are planning to gift these smartphones to your beloved ones on the occasion of Diwali then probably it won't be possible as both will be only available after Diwali. There is still an audio jack but you need an adapter.

One comes included with the phone, but if you lose it you'll have to spend £20 to replace it.

He went on: "We realise that some of you might be looking for USB-C headphones, and we want to provide some guidance around headphone compatibility with Pixel 2 devices".

In terms of optics, Google chose to go with a tried and testing route of a single camera of the back instead of the now-trending dual-cameras.

Assistant also lives in Google's less compact answer to Apple's Airpods, the Pixel Buds. The most expensive here is the iPhone X with its starting price of $999.

Google Clips is a lightweight, hands-free camera that can take photos and video remotely and sync the clips directly to a connected phone.

We haven't seen a new Chromebook from Google in a while, but the company used last night's event to reveal one in the form of the Pixelbook. You don't have to pick up your phone or unlock it to see notifications. "The Pixel 2 is also a major step forward from the Pixel (which was our top scorer when it was released a year ago), moving from 90 to 98". It works pretty much like Shazam, except that you'll not have to open an app.

This year's Pixel line-up bets big on artificial intelligence (AI), software and hardware.

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