Spotify voice controls are coming to all Google Assistant-powered devices

Spotify voice controls are coming to all Google Assistant-powered devices

In addition, they can ask the Google Assistant to make their home warmer, and the system will automatically adjust their connected Nest Thermostat without requiring users to state a particular target temperature. With Broadcasts, you can send a message to your Google Home speakers and have it spoken out loud by the Google Assistant to everyone in the room. Which is useful for homes with more than one Google Home user.

Moreover, you're done. However, we don't know yet, whether the male voice assistant of Google can also speak various languages; other than English US.

To access the male voice, users will need to go to the settings on their phone or in the Google Home app, then Preferences Assistant Voice. With a Nest Cam, you will be able to tell Google Home to stream feed to your TV with the help of Chromecast. In short, Google is pushing all of its smart home products, including those developed by Nest, to feel like one natural and cohesive whole.

The Home will also receive integration for Android's Find My Phone feature, which allows you to locate any Android device of your own using a browser or an app. It means that if dad says, "How is the traffic to work?', the device will be able to recognize the user and it will analyze the traffic conditions to the user's workplace". It can even turn up the volume of your phone before pinging it and even bypasses a silent ringer mode. How that all works in practice, of course, remains to be seen. We will keep you informed on when these features and updates will roll out!

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