Android Wear section removed from the Google Store

Android Wear section removed from the Google Store

Fast forward to today, the Google Assistant has been made available as an app on the Google Play Store.

If you do not have a working Google Play Store you will find yourself unable to update your installed applications on your device causing all sorts of problems. All that's left is for developers of Assistant apps and actions to support those languages too.

In addition, last month, Google announced that similar to Android Wear 2.0, Version 1.0 will also have standalone apps.

While the Pixel 2 and new Home speakers are definitely the stars of Google's latest show, the tie that bind them isn't going left behind.

The Google Assistant capability follows other initiatives by the company, including an online gift concierge called GWYN (gifts when you need) that's powered by IBM's Watson artificial intelligence. Google Assistant is finally expanding the languages it knows. "The Android Beta Program gives you an opportunity to try out prerelease versions of Android and Android Wear, and provide feedback". Of course, Google will be continuously improving the Assistant's abilities at being more intuitive over the course of more updates. Speech generation no longer relies on rigid grammatical and tonal algorithms, but instead relies on machine learning to work out speech patterns and generate speech samples at a rate of thousands of samples per second for a more natural and convincing speech. Google Play wants to be the streaming service of choice for all Google devices.

Google Assistant users in Canada (and other English speaker markets) can now get Google's AI-powered personal helper to speak to them in a male voice, including with Google Home. The Assistant was first exclusive to Pixel devices but it, later on, was made available for other Android Nougat devices as well. This is further bolstered with add on Google accounts for kids under 13 years of age, along with 50 different activities and experiences tailored specifically for children.

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