Nougat usage keeps growing, Oreo shows up for the first time

Nougat usage keeps growing, Oreo shows up for the first time

The latest Android distribution figures are in and despite having been released a couple of months ago, it seems that Android 8.0 Oreo only accounts for 0.2% of distribution on all Android devices.

While this may sound like a serious limitation - well, it is really - Google is quick to point out that anyone can try out the beta by installing the Android emulator. Android Lollipop takes up 27.7 percent of active Android devices with Android 5.0 Lollipop running on 6.7 percent of devices and Android 5.1 Lollipop at 22 percent that checked into Google Play. Bringing most of your phone's features out in a smartwatch is a great deal and with Android, it is improvising slowly.

There's no doubt that Google is playing with good cards by launching a beta program to Android versions.

So, here are the detailed Android platform share figures, with comparison to the previous month for some context...

This new data, which was collected during a seven-day period ending on 2 October, marks the first time that Oreo has made it onto the list, but Google is probably wishing it hadn't. There's this single beta release planned ahead of an unscheduled "final production" dispatch, and worse yet, the LG Watch Sport is the lone device capable of running the experimental Android Oreo-based OS. The listing shows that Android Nougat (Android 7.0 and Android 7.1) is now running on 17.8 percent (in total) of active devices. This could be the reason why Oreo was not seen in the Android distribution chart since its launch in August. The market share of the Android KitKat has been reduced to 14.5 percent whereas Jelly Bean has a market share of 7.6 percent. In the last month, Nougat had a market share of 15.8 percent.

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