Cardinals Fans Boo The Hell Out Of 49ers For Kneeling During Anthem

Upcoming Travel Schedule Will Test 49ers

Still, Kyle Shanahan is a smart guy, Super Bowl 51 notwithstanding. However, football has recently been on my radar, capturing the attention of myself and the rest of the nation, fans or not.

Starting last August during a preseason game, former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick knelt for the national anthem instead of standing. Police brutality should be protested.

Before the national anthem, the Ravens took a knee. Still, others chose to kneel before the anthem and stand with arms joined during its playing. "Find something else to do!"

Numerous criticisms raised against the players have fallen under this category of "disrespect" that Trump mentions in his tweet.

"I don't care what the president said". These kinds of arguments ignore the fact that the USA has, from its inception, not only disrespected the lives of people of color, but has continued to actively abuse and exploit those lives. Quite the opposite, it's a peaceful protest meant to bring awareness to police brutality and the value of black lives in the US that keeps our country from reaching its full potential.

Marshawn Lynch was on the only player who didn't stand for the national anthem prior to the Denver Broncos' game against the Oakland Raiders. "And second, it's clear that once you commoditize a freedom, like the right to free speech, once you've sold it, you can never use it again". They must stand up because Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Freddie Gray, Philando Castile and countless others were all Americans murdered by a corrupt system that refuses to be held accountable. On Thursday, Goodwin caught five balls for 62 yards against the Rams, and really flashed on some of his plays. His numbers were mediocre overall, but Hoyer got off the mat after being hurt and led the S.F. offense to the go-ahead score in overtime nonetheless. When that is silenced, when people no longer can speak out or sit down to express what they believe or feel, that is when the flag, and our national anthem, loses its meaning. Are they fighting now for a USA eager to destroy ISIS, but reluctant to give refuge to the people fleeing the terrorist group?

The controversy boiled for days and seemed to overshadow other issues facing the Trump presidency, including the failure of congressional Republicans to repeal and replace the nation's health care law, the primary loss in Alabama of Trump's favoured candidate, a turbulent hurricane season and the back-and-forth between the U.S. and North Korea over missiles and nuclear weapons.

Disrespecting a flag and a song is just that. "I know nobody's flawless but there was way too much of that between both positions today". It end up biting them, especially when they were playing that prevent defense, for whatever reason. Senior citizens are also more likely to be Republican than other groups, though, so it may be ideology more than age or formative culture that's driving that.

I do not watch football and I'm going to continue not watching football, but not because I'm angry at the players for kneeling.

"I think everyone has the right to protest, but I think you have to choose your stage wisely", said Laura Williams, who works in healthcare.

The 52 players who chose to kneel came from just seven teams, with 30 of the players coming from the 49ers, nine players coming from the Seahawks, six players coming from the Bills, three players coming from the Dolphins, two players coming from the Lions and one player each coming from the Raiders and Giants.

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