President Trump authorizes waiver to loosen shipping regulations for Puerto Rico

Puerto Ricans say US relief efforts failing them

Then Trump went into campaign mode, if he ever left it, to say how he loved the Puerto Rican people ("I grew up in NY, so I know Puerto Ricans, some are my friends") and the emergency aid program was going well.

Downstairs, residents asked for news and were eager to hear how the USA media was portraying the island's plight.

But, today, San Juan's mayor disagreed.

President Donald Trump continued to defend the administration's response Friday, and FEMA officials said ports and airports are functioning better and more miles of highways are being reopened.

Thankfully, her husband told me she is now being stabilized and is expected to undergo surgery soon.

She also accused the Trump administration of "killing us with inefficiency". The Guajataca Dam in Puerto Rico continues to be under risk of failure, which could cause life-threatening flash flooding downstream on the Rio Guajataca.

The crux of the Jones Act-a law passed in 1920 to protect US maritime shipping-requires all goods carried by water from one American port to another to be shipped on USA -flagged ships that were built in the United States, are owned by US citizens, and crewed by American citizens or permanent residents. This means foreign countries trying to send aid to the colony on boats would have to pay tariffs for stationing in Puerto Rico or drop their supplies off in Florida, which would then go on a USA ship back to Puerto Rico, according to the Washington Post. Marco Rubio asked Trump this week to put the military in charge of the recovery effort, and as Sen. And, you know, I hope that he can bring some - a positive message and a message of hope for the people here that there is help on the way because I think we're - no, I know we're going to need it in order to restart the economy here and make this America's paradise, which is what it is. The scene is controlled chaos, as each doctor tries to grab the medications they need.

"You can't see the roads", said Alvaro Trueba, a regional catastrophe coordinator for property insurer Chubb Ltd, who told Reuters that adjusters face difficulties driving about the island.

There are also honest safety concerns, as fuel needed for generators gets stolen and workers risk being held up at gunpoint on the roads.

Volunteer doctors with operational cars and adequate fuel have begun taking matters into their own hands, traveling to San Juan to obtain medical necessities and transporting them back to their local hospitals, clinics and shelters.

Relief supplies are sitting on docks because there are not enough trucks to take them to the hardest-hit areas.

JUDY WOODRUFF: And what's been the reaction there to the appointment of this three-star Army general to oversee the work being done there? You can find information on a charity's expenses, assets and revenue, as well as its programs. "Don't let your people die like this", the singer wrote.

"Let us overcome the barriers, selfishness and divisions that may exist between us, and unite to rebuild our homeland, which shines with the attractive, noble and Christian values that live in our hearts, and spring from our identity", they said. Victims from Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma received immediate aid from federal workers, but Puerto Rico has not benefitted from the same treatment.

The DC-8 "can move some serious freight" confided Wolfe, who was excited to report some good news for beleaguered islanders.

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