Nations sign nuclear weapons ban treaty

Nations sign nuclear weapons ban treaty

More than 40 countries signed a landmark treaty banning nuclear weapons Wednesday, propelling forward the first multilateral disarmament agreement in two decades as world leaders take the stage of the General Assembly to address the North Korean nuclear threat.

The agreement was signed on Wednesday in NY by more than 50 United Nations member states, but several nuclear powers, including the US, UK and France, boycotted the signing ceremony. The treaty prohibits the use of Nuclear weapons and any kind related to it at all.

Unfortunately, the nine nuclear powers boycotted the treaty conference, and have announced their refusal to sign its Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

Disarmament groups and other proponents of the treaty said they had never expected that any nuclear-armed country would sign it - at least not at first.

The United States, Britain and France have dismissed the UN treaty as unrealistic, arguing that North Korea's intensified nuclear activity has shown that they still need nuclear arms to maintain deterrence. "We can not allow these doomsday weapons to endanger our world and our children's future", he said.

"So, ever since that period, we've always been very much a strong advocate for de-nuclearization of the world", Onyeama said. It received the support of 122 nations when it was adopted by vote in July. He cited as an example "the Treaty of Tlatelolco, which in 1968 declared Latin America an area free of nuclear weapons".

During Thursday's ceremony, new signatories of the treaty urged the nuclear armed contingent to reconsider their position.

"The heroic survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki - the hibakusha - continue to remind us of the devastating humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons", Guterres said. Along with the Holy See, Thailand also ratified the treaty. After observing a moment of silence, participants held up origami cranes and papers with messages demanding that countries sign the treaty.

The Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said that the Philippines "is among 121 United Nations member-states that adopted the treaty". Because It's a close USA ally and it's protected by the US nuclear umbrella.

If 50 countries ratify it, the treaty would take effect for those that did so. Saudi Arabia, thought to be considering nuclear proliferation as part of its regional rivalry with the Islamic Republic, also approved the treaty.

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