Grenfell Tower blaze: Police vow to nail fire horror sickos

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Home to a poor, multi-ethnic community within one of London's richest boroughs, Grenfell Tower was gutted by the blaze which rapidly engulfed the whole building in the middle of the night on June 14. He said that so far 60 victims of the June 14 blaze have been formally identified.

So far, the Metropolitan Police has interviewed 675 firefighters, 340 police officers and a similar number of ambulance staff, seizing 31 million documents as part of the investigation.

"I thought the 24/7 security would be enough, but apparently it was not".

The offenses were reported by the owners, who were allowed to enter in the less damaged flats from the lower floors of the building to gather their assets and to collect some of their most valuable objects.

"I will seek to identify and deal with whatever offences come to light during that investigation", he said.

Corporate and individual manslaughter, breaches of fire, health and safety regulations, fraud and misconduct are among the offences that may be discovered, the Met said.

These came to light when former residents were let into their flats to pick up treasured items and to say goodbye to their homes.

He said the 80 figure "may come down a little bit" due to the recoveries made from the tower, the number of identifications made and video evidence from the night.

Detective chief superintendant McCormack said: "I can't tell you how personally devastating these reports of thefts are, for the victims, for me and everyone involved in the investigation who is working so hard".

She continued: "We have one confirmed theft and are looking at three more allegations".

"We have 24 hour security at Grenfell Tower but this has been reviewed and some changes immediately put into place".

Detective Chief Inspector Matt Bonner, in charge of the criminal side of the police investigation, said a forensic examination of the tower would continue into 2018 and would be followed by lengthy laboratory analysis.

Cundy said it was "pretty unique" to have the public inquiry running alongside the criminal investigation, but promised: "If we identify something that's an issue of public safety, regardless of any investigative concerns, we will share that with whoever is appropriate, and of course that will include the public inquiry".

Already facing the grim task of sifting through debris to find human remains at Grenfell Tower, the London social housing block where a fire killed about 80 people, police are now also having to investigate suspected thefts from survivors' apartments.

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