Mobile increases unlimited data cap from 32GB to 50GB

Mobile increases unlimited data cap from 32GB to 50GB

CEO John Legere said in a conference call after the recent Netflix announcement that "T-Mobile is in the business of selling T-Mobile ONE plans", as opposed to trying to bundle other types of vertically integrated content like AT&T's DirecTV and Verizon's Go90.

So, unlimited lines that use more than 50GB in a billing cycle will now trigger the prioritization point.

Just in case you're not familiar with this whole Fair Usage threshold, those who are on an "unlimited" data plan do not really experience unlimited data technically. For Verizon and AT&T, this threshold is 22GB, and until today, T-Mobile's was 32GB. Oh, there are still limits, of course, but Tmo isn't alone there. Which carrier do you get unlimited data from? This is not to be confused with the soft cap T-Mobile has on legacy limited data plans. T-Mobile likely has no doubt that it can handle the extra capacity.

Though this new unlimited showdown has given us four different definitions of the phrase "unlimited data" - one per carrier - it is nice to see the big four make so many tweaks to their plans in response to what the competition is doing. "If you have a lot of congestion in your network (I'm looking at you, Verizon & AT&T), these lines can be long and deprioritized customers can be waiting a long time".

As T-Mobile points out, the vast majority of users won't actually manage to burn through all 50GB of data in a month.

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