Gmail's latest update finally makes addresses and phone numbers clickable

Gmail's latest update finally makes addresses and phone numbers clickable

Google's computers will do the trick by identifying the objects in photos, and thereby picking up the address or phone number.

Google has introduced a minor but important update to its Gmail and Inbox apps that transform such pieces of info like addresses, phone numbers or contacts as hyperlinks.

Android and iOS already had phone numbers linked for a while now through a function level of OS, but the rest like; inclusion of phone numbers on Web are new to Gmail completely, at least in the native software of Google. The only way to use them is to copy and select the whole line and then paste it again in the respective app. When you tap the address, you are brought to a view of the address within Google Maps!

The changes will make linked content appear as a normal hyperlink, no matter what field of the message it's in. "Precious time can be lost by having to copy and paste this information from an email into other apps and websites, so we wanted to provide a better way to perform these tasks that also saves time", writes the team.

The new feature has been integrated into both iOS and Android apps.

Similarly, clicking on an address will launch the Google Map application so that you can get a grasp of the exact location of the address. But now finally Google came up with this added feature today.

In other Google news, the company has reportedly offered the European Commission a new way to handle comparison shopping results when users search for online products and services.

The rollout is occurring over the next one to three days, according to Google.

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