Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Commemorative Wine Will Be a Thing

Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Commemorative Wine Will Be a Thing

To celebrate the launch of Final Fantasy IX, the game will be available at the discounted price of €16.79 for those who have an active subscription to PlayStation Plus until September 26th.

The description on the PlayStation Network has also confirmed new features, like trophies, autosave and being able to turn off encounters.

During its press conference at Tokyo Game Show tonight, Sony revealed that Final Fantasy IX is coming to PlayStation 4 beginning today.

Check out an image of the rating below, as well as the trailer, and tell us what you think.

The newest fighter to join the roster of brawler Dissidia Final Fantasy NT was revealed during TGS.

While "Final Fantasy XV" also featured some traveling, outdoor camping, and other activities in an open world setting, Tabata implied in a recent interview with GameSpot that they can still do better in terms of expanding their next project's environment. It will head to North America and Europe on January 30th 2018. The 30th anniversary wines are available to purchase from The Wine House. The two wines offered will be limited edition, one being "a 2016 Château des Bois red wine with hints of strawberry" called "Ifrit Rouge", named after the classic fire summon from Final Fantasy. Final Fantasy IX is now available on PC where you can buy it through Steam so odds are that is the version that we would most likely get, complete with trophies. It's a flawless fit as the 30th anniversary of the series approaches.

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