Gurgaon woman arrested for slapping Army man on camera

Gurgaon woman arrested for slapping Army man on camera

Action against the woman, identified as Smriti Kalra, was taken after the video of her slapping the Army men went viral on the social media.

The incident took place on September 9, when an army subedar going towards Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway station to drop off five of its colleagues in a truck.

The video of the incident has gone viral on social media with many netizens criticising the behaviour of the woman. The soldier seems to be trying to reason with her while fending off the assault.Ms Kalra, who lives in Gurgaon, had stopped her Tata Indica auto in front of an army truck ferrying soldiers , As Reported By NDTV.

When the Army driver honked a few times, the FIR claimed, Kalra slowed down and refused to allow the truck to pass. The army subedar asked him to talk to Kalra to explain the situation. The soldier walked back to the truck and sat in the driver's seat only to find the incensed woman slamming her fists on the truck door, all the while shouting abuses at the soldiers. The complaint said Kalra held the constable by the collar, slapped him and hurled abuses at him.

The army subedar tried to ask her about their fault but she kept abusing them.

A woman who was caught slapping an Army JCO on the streets of Delhi on September 9, has now issued an apology for her act.

Realising that the situation might get out of hand, the woman walked towards her auto and sped off.

The army subedar has now submitted a video recording of the incident to the police. The police have seized her vehicle as well.

On September 9, the intolerant lady stopped her auto in front of an army vehicle that was ferrying soldiers.

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