8 died in United States nursing home in aftermath of Irma

8 died in United States nursing home in aftermath of Irma

Local police said investigators believe the deaths were heat-related.

Florida residents who evacuated ahead of the storm faced lengthy traffic jams, meanwhile, as they returned to check out their homes after days in shelters or with friends or family.

Standing in front of a produce cooler at a reopened Publix grocery store in Naples, Missy Sieber said the worst thing about not having electricity is not having air conditioning.

The rehabilitation center is located across the street from Memorial Regional Hospital, the flagship facility of the Memorial Healthcare System and one of the largest hospitals in the state.

The police chief also confirmed that 115 other residents have been evacuated and taken to nearby facilities, which police will be investigating to look for any other patients in distress.

The facility's administrator did not return messages left by The Washington Post.

The governor said he's directed state officials to issue an emergency moratorium to prevent the facility from admitting new patients.

The hurricane that spun up the state of Florida then swept through the Southeast will likely end up as one of the costliest storms on record. Broward County said the home alerted officials about the situation on Tuesday, but when asked if it had any medical needs or emergencies, it did not request help.

"In Illinois, you're not going to see a hurricane".

"I am going to aggressively demand answers on how this tragic event took place", Scott said in a statement.

The Lower Keys are still completely without power, but the Florida Keys Electric Co-op, which provides service to the Upper Keys, said about 30 percent of the region does now have electricity. This has cut off air conditioning for scores of Floridians, and it poses an acute danger for the particularly young or old in a state known for its sweltering temperatures. "Approximately 150 facilities out of the almost 700 facilities in the state do not now have full power services restored".

The causes of death are yet to be determined, the medical examiner said. Those areas include transmission lines, power plants and substations.

A late morning news release said a total of six have died.

Even as Irma dissipated and moved inland, another danger emerged for those without power: generators. Eight people are confirmed dead.

In the meantime, skilled nursing operators can still take away several key lessons from both hurricanes Harvey and Irma - especially as the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) prepares to begin enforcing new emergency preparedness guidelines in November.

Tampa "dodged a bullet" on the weaker side of the storm, especially because Irma's southwestern eyewall had been broken up by high winds near Cuba, MIT meteorology professor Kerry Emanuel said. Jacksonville, a sprawling city on the state's northeast coast, was deluged with historic flooding.

President Donald Trump couldn't resist injecting a dose of politics into his tour of storm-damaged Florida on Thursday, saying Republican Gov. Rick Scott is doing such a good job with the recovery effort that he should run for the Senate. Automated devices restored power to most of the customers who got their power back during the first day, FPL said.

In Hollywood, the Rehabilitation Center said the hurricane had knocked out a transformer that powered the air conditioning. In striking a deal with Democrats last week, Trump secured billions of dollars in federal disaster relief funding, though the affected states will ultimately require exponentially more help down the road.

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