Xbox One's 'Intelligent Delivery' system will free up hard drive space

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We simply can't help but to expect Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy to be that mystery surprise coming to the Xbox One X. There is already a leak that has proven the game to get ported over to the console from Microsoft and it really looks convincing. Right now, Microsoft is only supporting two discs, but game developers wanting to use more can work that out with the company on a case-by-case basis. This allows developers to, say, have users install only a single audio language pack, and even allows multi-disc support for the Xbox One family of systems.

"Optional "chunks" can be included on additional discs, with the user potentially able to specify what content or languages they'd like to install".

When the gamer goes to download a title, only those chunks with the relevant tags are pulled from Microsoft's servers. Another example - players with Xbox One consoles wouldn't have to download all of the 4K assets used by X consoles, which they wouldn't need because their system doesn't support them anyway. Xbox One X intelligent delivery will notify you that there are 4K textures available for download. With this new system, only the required data would be downloaded or pushed to any Xbox system based on the current game requirements. "Logically, essential data is located on the first disc and installed first, with the Xbox system software prompting the user to insert further discs in order to install other data, " writes Digital Foundry, which has analyzed documentation related to Intelligent Delivery.

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Xbox One's 'Intelligent Delivery' system will free up hard drive space

But that's not it: Intelligent Delivery automatically detects your console type and the resources you need to download. Backup the game to an external hard drive and plug it into the Xbox One X. For users upgrading from Xbox One to X, Intelligent Delivery takes care of the user at the system level. Now, with the impending redesign of the Xbox One's UI, there will be an upgrade that brings footage captured via the program to 1080p, at long last.

In essence, Intelligent Delivery means that not only are games downloaded faster, but it has the potential to save gamers a ton of disc space that would otherwise be wasted.

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