What to do after the Equifax breach

Credit reporting company Equifax Inc. offices are

Many Claremore citizens have found their names among those impacted in the Equifax security breach. The FTC cautioned people, Equifax is not calling consumers who may be affected, but scam artists posing as an Equifax representative could try to get people to disclose their personal information over the phone.

In addition, Carr said one of the first steps Georgians should take is freezing their credit, which essentially locks down a person's credit to prevent thieves from opening credit lines.

You should also enroll in fraud alerts with your bank or credit card company and you may consider putting a credit freeze in place.

But a credit freeze is problematic for people who need to keep their credit report open as they need to secure a loan, perhaps buy a home or a vehicle.

In the wake of the data hack, experts say it's important people use unique passwords and avoid using debit cards- instead- use credit cards, which are easier to track. It can be a pain because you'll have to unfreeze it every time someone needs to run a credit check on you or if you need a loan. The FTC told consumers not to tell callers any personal information, not to trust caller ID, and if consumers receive a robocall, hang up.

It's effective only if you freeze your report reports with all 3 agencies.

"Really? How many people have been affected by this?"

Equifax created a website that allows you check.

"In all of our years investigating data breaches, this may be the most brazen failure to protect consumer data we have ever seen", Maura Healey said in a statement.

There, you'll type in your last name and the last six digits of your social security number.

"Step number one - go to equifaxsecurity2017.com and I know that sounds insane because this is the place where you had your information taken, but you have to begin the process in a methodical way". With their product, you control and protect your identity.

The massive hack of the credit reporting company Equifax has raised a lot of questions and concerns. You can monitor your social security account by going to this website. Morfeld said that offering only a year of free monitoring means that Equifax, which provides credit monitoring as a paid service, stands to profit from its security breakdown.

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