Former Google employees gender discrimination lawsuit

Google has denied allegations it pays women less than men for similar work

Three former female Google employees have filed a class action lawsuit against the search giant for gender pay discrimination. "The complaint notes that the net result of this systemic discrimination is that Google pays women less than men for comparable work", according to a website created by the women's attorneys.

Kelly Dermody, a lawyer for the women said that "While Google has been an industry-leading tech innovator, its treatment of female employees has not entered the 21st century".

Additionally, they claim Google keeps women partitioned in compensation levels with lower ceilings and routinely thwart advancement opportunities for female employees by promoting fewer women and more slowly than males in the company. These investigations show that women at the company earn less than men in every field.

In response to the new class action-lawsuit, Scigliano told Gizmodo that Google, again, disagrees with the allegations pitted against it.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of all women employed at Google, California, over the last four years, according to a report by the Guardian.

If I were to hedge my bets, the three women who brought this to the world's attention, Kelly Ellis, Holly Pease and Kelli Wisuri, are going to come out on the winning end of this one.

The suit also alleges that Ellis was "occupationally-segregated" into a front-end role because of a "false and gendered perception at Google that back-end software engineering is more technically rigorous, and therefore more prestigious".

Furthermore, despite excellent performance reviews, Ellis says Google denied a promotion she applied for about a year after her hire date, with the company telling her she wasn't tenured long enough.

Google is just one example of how women throughout Silicon Valley are routinely undervalued and excluded from opportunities.

Meanwhile, James Damore, the engineer who was sacked by Google after he wrote an article claiming that gender bias at the company was partly because of biological differences, filed a complaint with the National Labour Relations Board, claiming he was discriminated against for his views. They are seeking back wages with interest, along with damages and an end to Google's "unfair and unlawful business practices".

Google representative Gina Scigliano said the organization will survey the suit in detail, "however we can't help contradicting the focal charges".

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