American Fighting for Daesh Captured in Syria

American Fighting for Daesh Captured in Syria

The U.S. military has detained an American who was captured in Syria while fighting for ISIS, a Pentagon spokesman confirmed Thursday.

The Isis fighter surrendered on 12 September following which the SDF handed him over to U.S. forces in Syria. Adrian Rankine-Galloway said in a statement.

About a year later, the Guardian reported on foreign fighters trying to flee the conflict and noted that a US citizen - Kary Paul Kleman of Florida - surrendered to Turkish border police.

"The U.S. citizen is being legally detained by Department of Defense personnel as a known enemy combatant", Pahon said. "If this was a U.S. citizen it would be the Department of State to find out the updates on that particular person", Col. Ryan Dillon was quoted as saying in the article.

ISIS has used a number of purported Americans in its propaganda videos, but Hughes said those who don't speak Arabic or have crucial skills can be sent to front lines "as cannon fodder".

"Regardless of the nationality, ISIS will be defeated, and our goal is to defeat them, regardless of where you come from", Col. Ryan Dillon said at a briefing.

The SDF, half of whose forces are members of the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG), are backed by the US-led Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS.

"You can't be very bright if you're going over there and doing that".

The unnamed man is not the first American seized for participating in combat for ISIS.

In March 2016, Jamal Khweis, another American Daesh terrorist was captured by the Peshmerga while he was leaving the territory then held by Daesh.

Khweis, a bus driver, was convicted in June of providing support to ISIS. "As a precondition for Coalition support, SDF and Iraqi forces have pledged to observe global laws and the laws of armed conflict", the command told the Daily Beast. It is now illegal to try USA citizens at military commissions.

"We defer to the U.S. Department of Justice and the Government of Iraq on this issue".

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