US House Speaker Ryan leaves door open on taxes, deficit

US House Speaker Ryan leaves door open on taxes, deficit

President Trump's fiscal deal with Democratic leaders in Congress - which passed the House with more than a third of Republicans voting against it - infuriated House conservatives, who struck first at Mr. Ryan, but ultimately turned their ire on the Trump White House.

"The whole point here is an aggressive timeline to see tax reform done this year", Ryan told the Associated Press Wednesday.

Ryan declares in an AP Newsmaker interview that the most important goal of an overhaul is economic growth.

Earlier Wednesday, Ryan and House Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady met behind closed doors with GOP lawmakers to lay out a timetable on taxes, pledging a detailed blueprint from top congressional Republicans and administration officials in the final week of September.

In March, the website published private audio of a call from previous year in which Ryan said he was "not going to defend Donald Trump".

The Wisconsin Republican said the president and White House Chief of Staff John Kelly called him Thursday morning to clarify Democratic leadership's assertion they reached an agreement.

"The problem here is we don't have a clue what's in the tax plan", said Rep. Dave Brat, R-Va.

Trump administration officials and congressional Republican leaders are promising a new framework in two weeks for legislation that would overhaul the US tax code - though they've shied away from releasing any details about how the changes would affect individuals or corporations.

Ryan said he is confident that President Donald Trump will push for "conservative" tax reform, despite the president's recent moves of collaborating with democrats at the cost of his won party.

Ryan says Trump wanted to "clear the decks" to deal with the aftermath of the hurricanes and create some breathing room for Congress to work on taxes. "We did a face plant on that exact logic", Brat said.

Ryan said that removing the immigrants covered by the program is "not in our nation's interest".

"The approval process for the biggest Tax Cut & Tax Reform package in the history of our country will soon begin", the president tweeted. He said the White House is "learning what works and I think they are improving".

House Speaker Paul Ryan declined to commit Wednesday to making tax code changes "revenue neutral", joining other Republicans in leaving the door open to raising the deficit as part of the reform effort.

"We intend to pursue a permanent tax reform plan that abides by the reconciliation rules", Strong said in an email.

"In order to get the size - the magnitude of the reductions that we want in the corporate and the individual rates and in order to get the sweeping reforms that we so desperately need - you absolutely will see an increase in the deficit in the short term", he said.

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