Motel 6 Caught Informing ICE About Guests

Two Arizona Motel 6s accused of ratting out undocumented guests to ICE

After the report was released, Motel 6 issued a statement via Twitter stating this was implemented at a local level, and senior management wasn't aware of these discriminatory actions.

In short: If you live in Arizona and you're an undocumented immigrant, better not book a room at a Motel 6.

The controversial guest-reporting method apparently led to at least 20 immigration-related arrests at the motels in question over the course of the past seven months.

Empowered by the Trump administration and President Donald Trump's promise to severely crack down on illegal immigration, ICE agents have ramped up efforts to arrest undocumented immigrants.

Motel 6's privacy policy says it collects a slew of information on its guests via online bookings and physical stays, including name, gender, birthdate, image, nationality, ID, credit card info, "information collected during your visit to a company hotel or motel through the use of closed circuit television systems" and "internet systems", and a lot more. Rodríguez-Juarez handed over a Mexican voter ID card.

A Motel 6 in Arizona shared its guest lists with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents, tipping off federal authorities to customers who may have been in the country illegally. Yasmeen Pitts O'Keefe, the agency's Phoenix-area Public Affairs Officer, said, "I wouldn't be able to confirm how we are getting our information". Keep in mind that as far as we know clerks have no reason to suspect these people of having committed any crime other than lacking standard American identification docs-they have no way of knowing about outstanding warrants or other possible crimes. This makes the story of what's been happening at two Phoenix-area Motel 6's especially very bad and disgusting.

"We send a report every morning to ICE - all the names of everybody that comes in", an unidentified front-desk clerk explained to the New Times.

'I don't know how it works, but if you check in and you have a warrant, you're going to get picked up, ' another employee said. "We are now investigating and will provide more information shortly". Both of the Motel 6 locations are corporate-owned and located in Latino neighborhoods.

According to what immigration attorney Denise Aguilar told the New Times, the hotels could receive $200 for every undocumented immigrant arrested through the operation. "Those are investigative techniques that we wouldn't be able to talk about", O'Keefe said.

In other parts of the US, Motel 6 has previously faced criticisms for agreeing to provide local police with a daily guest list.

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