Google Pixel XL 2 Appears on FCC Listings

A few weeks back, an FCC filing by HTC confirmed that the Pixel 2 would make use of the Snapdragon 835 and offer 64GB of storage.

Ahead of the unveiling, the larger Pixel XL 2 has been spotted passing through the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) certification process. But for Pixel 2 company has no plans.

It is now learnt that the affected 6P users in the U.S. and Canada are more likely to get a Pixel than those in the United Kingdom and Australia wherein affected 6P units are being replaced with refurbished units of the same model.

In the meantime, have you contacted Google about your Nexus 6P? We'll be soon following up this Google Pixel 2 release date article with a list of expected Google Pixel 2 features. The listing tells us that LG will be manufacturing the phone with model number G011C.

The website asks users if they're "tired" of their smartphones and asks them to keep an eye out on October 4. Also telling is the fact that Google launched the original Pixel phones on October 4 a year ago.

The teaser advertised for the upcoming Pixel 2 phones ends with Google announcing something big coming on October 4, which falls in line with the original Pixel's release a year ago. As a result, the LG Pixel 2 XL looks like a modern phone with slim bezels, while the HTC Pixel 2 looks a lot like last year's phone. Google has launched a teaser site and a video asking dissatisfied smartphone users to "stay tuned for more on October 4".

As per the recent reports, the Pixel 2 smartphone contains the squeezable frame, and this feature resembles the HTC U11.

According to some reports, the device is also going to get front facing stereo speakers. The upcoming device is also expected to include the Google Lens software feature, which transforms the camera into an advanced information hub. This time around, we might see some other hardware products as well, with rumors pointing to a smaller Google Home-type speaker and possibly a pair of smart headphones with integrated Google Assistant.

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