Seattle Mayor Ed Murray Resigns After Latest Accusation of Sex Abuse

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray announced his resignation on Tuesday amid an ongoing child sex-abuse scandal

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray's resignation Tuesday, after a new allegation of sexual abuse, was good news for Gladstone resident Jeff Simpson.

"I feel victory, but saddened that it required another victim to come forward for him to resign", another accuser, Lloyd Anderson, said in a statement. For months he had resisted calls for him to step down. "How many victims will it take for the Mayor to step down?"

Before the announcement by Murray, both candidates still in the running to replace Murray as Seattle's next mayor called on him to resign.

According to Biz Journals, Murray's annual salary for his governmental post was $175,000, which ranked 11 in the list of mayoral salaries in major cities of the United States.

MAYOR Ed Murray did the right thing resigning Tuesday.

It was Murray's cousin, Joseph Dyer, whose accusations that the mayor sexually abused him while they were sharing a room in NY in the 1970s, that resulted in Murray's decision to resign.

But his remaining support deteriorated after the latest allegations emerged Tuesday.

"I will continue to be the mayor of this city".

"I think this fifth, sixth victim who is a family member who says, 'Enough is enough, ' has got to hit people in the heart". We pin our hopes on our leaders and one of the most hard stigmas and stereotypes that held us back is being reinforced today.

Dyer purportedly said the occurrences happened when he was 13, while Murray, who was then in his mid 20s, imparted a room to Dyer in his mom's Long Island home.

A recent investigation, however, revealed that in the 1980's, a child protection inspector alerted that Murray had abused his adoptive son, but the file was closed.

Since I was 12 years old, politics was my dream ... and I have the best job in politics, the mayor of the city of Seattle.

He apologized to his staff and to the city and said it had become clear that his resignation was best for the city.

He further added the allegations were a result of a family rift.

Earlier, Murray had dropped his reelection bid in May amid four allegations of sexual abuse by four men who said that the mayor had sexually abused them years earlier, when they were teenagers.

Murray, 62, has worked for the Washington state legislature for almost 20 years, and a spokesman said that the Mayor would not field any questions from the press.

"Survivors of sexual assault must be believed and treated with respect", Moon said in a statement.

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