Justice won't allow Federal Bureau of Investigation officials to speak to Senate panel

That's not up to me to decide.

"The Department of Justice has to look into any allegations of legality, whether or not something is illegal or not".

Grassley and Feinstein offered to limit the scope of their questions to events that occurred before Comey's dismissal, in an effort to avoid a conflict with the pending Mueller investigation, but the Justice Department has stood by its initial refusal. "Those are real reasons for why he was sacked, and the president's decision was 100 percent right".

The Justice Department is preventing Senate investigators from interviewing two top FBI officials who could provide first-hand testimony over the firing of former FBI Director James Comey, the latest sign that Special Counsel Robert Mueller could be investigating the circumstances around the firing, officials tell CNN.

A Justice Department spokeswoman did not immediately respond to a request to comment on whether the department feels Comey should be prosecuted or if the White House has recommended he should be.

"You said that the actions of James Comey could have been illegal". "Every fact that has come out about James Comey's handling of the Clinton email investigation has affirmed the rightness of President Trump's decision".

He had drafted the seven memos after a series of meetings with Trump.

"I think there is no secret Comey, by his own self-admission, leaked privileged government information", Sanders said during a September 12 White House press briefing, responding to questions on whether it was a bad idea for President Donald Trump to fire Comey. Comey has said those men were among the Federal Bureau of Investigation officials with whom he shared concerns about Trump's behavior toward him, in the weeks before he was sacked.

Back in July, though, the Comey friend - Columbia University professor Daniel Richman - stressed that none of the memos he had were marked classified at the time.

"I think that's pretty clean and clear that that would be a violation", Sanders said.

The question of whether Comey broke the law is much less clear than Sanders made it seem, said Jeffrey Cramer, a former assistant USA attorney for the Northern District of IL and a managing director at Berkeley Research Group.

A reporter asked Tuesday whether Sanders was encouraging the DOJ to investigate Comey for leaking information.

"Consistent with the Department's long-standing policy regarding the confidentiality and sensitivity of information relating to pending matters, the Department can not make Mr. Ghattas nor Mr. Rybicki available for transcribed interviews at this time", Acting Assistant Attorney General Samuel Ramer said in the July letter to the committee.

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