Dennis Rodman discusses friendship with Kim Jong

The former Chicago Bulls basketball player said he goes skiing with the North Korean tyrant 

Dennis Rodman has claimed that the North Korean issue could be resolved if people just better understood his friend, Kim Jong Un.

The eccentric star has traveled to North Korea several times to be the guest of the dictator.

The renowned basketball player was asked about the nature of the relationship he and Kim shared, during Good Morning Britain on Wednesday. "We ride horses, we go out, we go skiing", he said in an interview with "Good Morning Britain".

"I just want to try to straighten things out for everyone to get along together", he said.

That bromance flourishes against a backdrop of increasing worldwide stress.

North Korea has carried out a series of nuclear and missile tests and US President Donald Trump has responded with warnings of a "massive" military response. Rodman's last visit came in June. "We hardly ever talk politics".

"I don't love [Kim]", continued Worm. "So I think we have to be very, very careful in what we say". "But as long as we're saying, "You must shortly give up all your nuclear weapons, ' we're basically turning to Kim Jong un and saying, 'You must go where Saddam and [Muammar] Gadhafi are today" - and that's a very hot place he doesn't want to go". He said the relationship between the USA and Russian Federation had changed "but for some reason we have a big issue with North Korea".

Rodman however said he "loved" President Donald Trump, to whom he was grateful for giving him the opportunity to appear on his show, Celebrity Apprentice, in 2013, around the time of his first trip to North Korea. Despite 35-year-old Kim Jong-un's reputation, Dennis says the leader is "always smiling" when the pair spend time together.

Morgan asked if could accompany Rodman the next time he visits North Korea, and Rodman told him he'd once asked former President Barack Obama to go with him, but Obama roundly refused. He added: It's just amusing the fact that me saying something like that and people saying, "Oh my god Dennis Rodman protecting the marshal of North Korea".

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