VW plans to have 300 electric vehicle models by 2030

VW plans to have 300 electric vehicle models by 2030

But this is just the beginning.

The German automaker plans to invest more than £18 bn pounds into the venture for zero-emission cars, with 80 new-electrified models by 2025 - 30 of which will be plug-in hybrids and 50 pure electric models.

The pre-Frankfurt Auto Show event was the first reveal of the I.D. Crozz.

By locating the battery in the centre of the I.D. Crozz with a motor at each driven axle, the company says attains "an ideal weight distribution" which gives the EV crossover concept handling characteristics on par with that of a Golf GTI. Elon Musk could fly you to Mars and back in less time.

CEO at Volkswagen Matthias Mueller said that a company such as Volkswagen must be the leader and not a follower. This is especially important in times of technological transformation. Fuel cell-powered cars are not yet a practical option for consumers, with only 33 hydrogen fuel stations in Germany, but it's one possibility for the future in which government regulation will increasingly require low-emission vehicles.

These cars are not going convince people; they're going to enthrall them.
Meanwhile, the I.D. Buzz will be joining the line up in 2022. The SUV gets various design changes to the front and rear ends of the concept vehicle that is painted in "Hibiscus Red Metallic". To make it sustainable, clean and better for our customers worldwide.

VW plans to have 300 electric vehicle models by 2030
VW plans to have 300 electric vehicle models by 2030

From a holistic approach to modular system integration to full-vehicle manufacturing and assembly, Magna works closely with global automakers to solve problems, identify new materials and processes, and provide unique solutions to industry challenges.

Boot space is a family-friendly 515 litres and the rear doors slide backwards opening up a pillarless side allowing for easy access. It also has voice activated doors and an advanced air filtration system to keep passengers safe from transient pollutants in the air with conservatives insist are not there. Range is quoted as being 310 miles (500km) on the NEDC cycle.

An 80% charge is reportedly possible using a 150 kW charger - of which precious few exist at the moment.

Suspension is taken care of by a new multi-link set-up with MacPherson struts and electronically controlled dampers.

The electric Mini, which will be assembled in Oxford, will go on sale in 2019. With the exception of Tesla, whose shares jumped 6% on Monday following China's weekend announcement, electric vehicle makers have had trouble penetrating the market. That is even though current electric models do not enjoy high sales because of limited range, higher price, and a lack of fast-charging stations.

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