Australians Rally For Marriage Equality in the Country's Largest LGBTQ+ Demonstration Ever

Vote ‘No’ Says Australian Christian Lobby

The traditional marriage camp point to a short-lived online petition demanding that a Sydney doctor be deregistered for appearing in a television advertisement opposing same-sex marriage.

The survey asks the public to vote [Guardian report] on whether same-sex marriage should be legalized, and all completed surveys must be sent back to the Australian Bureau of Statistics [official website] by November.

Although the poll - if the majority of people vote in favor - will not have the power to change the law, it could initiate a vote to do so in parliament.

The postal ballot is completely voluntary and the result is not legally binding.

The bill still requires approval from parliament before it can be put into action.

Turnbull added that the Marriage Act could be amended by the end of the year if support for a change is seen in the survey.

"The force we've shown today puts us in a good stead to win this battle over the next couple of months".

"FFA is a founding member of Pride in Sport and supports its charter including marriage equality", an FFA spokesperson said. "We can climb this mountain".

Turnbull, who has said he will be voting in support of same-sex marriage, told a gathering of the Liberal and National parties' faithful on Sunday that the issue was one where everyone is entitled to an opinion. Hundreds of "no" campaigners marched the day before, on Saturday, arguing that changes would infringe on religious freedom and children's rights.

The streets were filled with rainbow-colored get-ups, along with thousands of signs with messages such as "Our Love Shouldn't Be a Debate", "Vote Yes!", and "Fear Should Not Decide the Future".

Copley and Eggins have been attending marriage equality rallies in the country for years, but now with millions of Australians about to vote their opinion on the issue, this past weekend's rally in Brisbane came with a greater sense of significance.

The vote will close on 7 November, with the result being released on 15 November.

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