Signs of support for Venezuela that Pope Francis sent from Colombia

Pope leaves Colombia with prayers for peace

Pope Francis on Monday questioned whether Donald Trump was "pro-life" following the US President's decision to end a policy allowing young immigrants to stay in the United States. "I think this law comes not from parliament but from the executive", he said, apparently siding with Barack Obama's interpretation of his presidential authority.

"If he is a good pro-lifer, he understands that the family is the cradle of life and its unity must be defended", the pope said. Pope Francis responded that such people must go to the scientists, who speak clearly and precisely.

There were a number of questions about climate change, especially with regard to politicians and others who refuse to collaborate with other nations because they deny that climate change is caused by humans. Over the last several years, Francis made his first official trip outside of Rome to the Mediterranean island of Lampedusa to commemorate North African migrants who die trying to get to Europe; called on every Catholic parish in Europe to take in a Syrian refugee family; surprised 2,000 immigrant shelter residents near the Vatican with Christmas presents; and blessed US children with parents in deportation proceedings.

The pope is known for speaking out in favor of climate action-most famously when he released a 2015 encyclical in which he called on Catholics worldwide to join in the fight against climate change. "They are very clear", he said.

At the end of the day, when he said Mass for hundreds of thousands of people in the city's port area, the bruise had swollen and he had a black bag under his eye.

Steve Bannon, who until recently was Trump's chief strategist, accused the bishops of having an ulterior motive in advocating for families affected by the decision to revoke DACA.

Pope Francis hasn't held back his strong feelings about Trump's views on immigration.

After a quick treatment with ice, according to the Vatican, the pope was back in the popemobile making his way to the Church of St. Peter Claver, the Jesuit who devoted the last 40 years of his life to caring for and ministering to African slaves. "I didn't see the glass".

Pope Francis has called for truth and justice for the victims of Colombia's civil war.

Francis said scientists have clearly charted what needed to be done to reverse course on global warming and said individuals and politicians had a "moral responsibility" to do their part. Then each person can decide and history will judge the decisions.

But the other reason, he said, is nearly always money.

The parents' behavior with their little ones, he said, "is a symbol of hope, of a future".

What they were doing, he said, was saying, "This is my treasure".

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