Saakashvili plans to unite Ukraine opposition against president

Saakashvili plans to unite Ukraine opposition against president

There is one image that will haunt me after the infamous September 10 border crossing: a soldier from the Ukrainian border guard unit attacked from behind by one of former Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili's supporters.

A criminal case over illegal border crossing was opened in Ukraine after ex-Odessa governor Mikhail Saakashvili broke through the country's border, the Ukrainian police reported Monday.

Saakashvili became a Ukrainian citizen in 2015, giving up his Georgian citizenship. Saakashvili and President Petro Poroshenko too, but the cost they will pay for yesterday's circus will be much lower than what the country will have to pay. After the incident had already gained significant worldwide media attention, Saakashvili and his allies broke through the guards, reports The Associated Press reports.

Saakashvili earlier claimed that Ukrainian police stole his passport shortly after he had crossed the border.

"Instead, a crime was committed", he said of Sunday's events at the border. He is an enemy of Ukraine just as he is an enemy of Georgia.

Saakashvili's relationship with Poroshenko dates back almost three decades to when they were students at the same university in Kiev and their shared opposition to the Kremlin later brought them together as politicians.

The crowd started to get angry with the Ukrainian border guards.

The border breakthrough at the Medyka-Shehyni crossing point on the Polish-Ukrainian border came after a day of drama and repeatedly changing travel plans. Saakashvili, who was gaining fewer new supporters, needed a situation that would bring him back to the headlines. He added that many Georgians and other nationals died during the Russia-Ukrainian war for the cause of justice and, therefore, he wouldn't allow Poroshenko turn into another Putin.

Ukrainian law enforcement agencies said Sahakashvili and his supporters face a possible 5 year prison term.

Saakashvili said the decision was politically motivated. He is wanted in Georgia on charges related to his political career there, and Tbilisi has asked the Kyiv government to extradite him, but it is not clear whether the request will be honored.

The revocation of Saakashvili's citizenship was met with criticism by some Ukrainian politicians with ex-Prime Minister and Batkivshchina (Fatherland) Party leader Yulia Tymoshenko believing that this move was another step toward dictatorship in Ukraine.

Has Krakovets, city-Ukrainian border by which it originally meant to enter Ukraine, several dozens of his supporters had gathered in the hope to welcome her arrival.

"We didn't want this country when we stayed on Maidan", he told reporters.

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