Here's What Your Same-Sex Marriage Survey Form Will Look Like

Malcolm Turnbull told a rally in Sydney that gay marriage had been embraced by much of the world

Rally organisers have said the September 10 event now sits as the largest LGBTQ demonstration in Australian history, a declaration reported by ABC.

Australians will begin voting by mail in the coming weeks on whether the country's laws should be changed to allow for same-sex couples couples to marry.

The sample copy of the form reveals a simple page entitled "Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey", and includes a question, a yes and no box, and instructions on how to vote.

Turnbull addressed members of the Liberal and National parties during the rally, asking them to "be honest with each other" and ask themselves whether gay marriage actually poses any kind of threat to traditional marriages. He said that if the campaign backing same-sex marriage won a nationwide survey, a bill to legalise same-sex marriage would be introduced and was likely to sail through parliament.

"We've got one last mountain to climb before we make marriage equality a reality". Has life as we know it come to a halt?

He said he was "utterly unpersuaded" by the idea that his 38-year-long marriage to wife Lucy was undermined by gay couples.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has revealed its survey form on same-sex marriage, which will hit hundreds of thousands of post boxes from tomorrow. "If I'm elected Prime Minister Tanya and I will introduce a legislation to marriage equality in the first 100 days", Shorten said.

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