Putin to US: Don't play along with North Korea

Putin to US: Don't play along with North Korea

The concerns about North Korea and its nuclear test on September 3 apparently led the South Korean side to take a more cooperative tone on historical issues that exist between Tokyo and Seoul.

The newly elected South Korean president had requested the United Nations Security Council consider tough new sanctions on North Korea to block its sources of foreign income, including cutting off its crude oil supply and banning its workers from being sent overseas. But after North Korea's two test-launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles, he allowed more launchers to be set up before the reviews are conducted.

Speaking in Seoul where she's in high-level security talks, Senator Payne said responsibility for increasing tensions in the region sits squarely with Pyongyang.

Mr Putin maintained it was impossible to resolve the North Korean crisis with sanctions and pressure alone, and urged diplomatic solutions.

Satellite imagery appeared to show the blast caused numerous landslides at North Korea's Punggye-ri test site, according to 38 North, a Washington-based North Korean monitoring project. "They count on a specific reaction from the partners and they get it".

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who will discuss North Korea with Moon and Putin in Vladivostok, said on Wednesday he wanted the North to understand it has "no bright future" if it continues on its current path.

"Japan and Russian Federation will work together in the global society for that", Abe said in televised statement.

He urged the worldwide community to force North Korea to immediately comply with all resolutions of the UN Security Council in full and give up all its programs on creating nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles.

At a joint news conference following his meeting with Mr Moon, Mr Putin condemned North Korea's tests, calling Pyongyang's missile and nuclear programme a "crude violation of UN Security Council resolutions" that "undermines the non-proliferation regime and creates a threat to the security of north-eastern Asia".

"We can not resolve this situation without diplomatic tools, without talks".

The U.N. Security Council is now debating imposing tougher sanctions on North Korea, with Japan and the United States pushing for an oil embargo on the reclusive state.

Still, Moon said the two leaders agree that "quickly solving" the threat posed by North Korea's escalating military provocations was critical to reducing tensions in the region.

"They know it and they see nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction as the only way for them to protect themselves", Putin said Thursday.

But Putin praised the recent expansion in Japan-Russia trade and business ties.

South Korea and the United States said they did not rule out a possible military response to North Korea's actions.

"The situation is very grave".

China has strongly opposed the THAAD installation, saying it could hurt its strategic security interests. "It doesn't seem much time is left before North Korea achieves its complete nuclear armament", the prime minister told a meeting of defense ministers in Seoul.

South Korea has said the launchers for the USA missile defense system known as Thaad would be installed in the face of the growing threat from Pyongyang.

Analysts say both countries, however, are also concerned that the system's advanced radar could be used to look inside their own countries or potentially even limit their own deterrent capabilities.

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