N Korea crisis sparks nuclear debate in Japan, S.Korea

N Korea crisis sparks nuclear debate in Japan, S.Korea

In the event of all-out war with North Korea, would US President Donald Trump risk American cities being targeted to protect traditional allies in Seoul and Tokyo? "We must act cold-headedly and avoid any measures that will escalate tensions".

Japan Wednesday again upgraded its estimated size of North Korea's latest nuclear test to a yield of around 160 kilotons - more than ten times the size of the Hiroshima bomb.

At the same time, socialists do not give any support to the dictatorship in North Korea, which threatens war and diverts a massive share of society's scarce resources into armaments in order to keep the masses down and in the hope of gaining global recognition and acceptance by imperialism. A leaked copy of the draft includes demands for a ban on gas supplies and an end to textile imports and payments to North Koreans working overseas. The North views the joint exercises by what it calls "the air pirates of Guam" as a rehearsal for striking its leadership and has routinely lambasted them as "nuclear bomb-dropping drills".

In fact, China may have already lost most of its direct influence on North Korea through past unsuccessful attempts to control the rogue state's behavior.

The prospect of a United States nuclear strike and subsequent chaos and a refugee exodus is even more scary than a democratic country on Russia's doorstep, said another Korea scholar, Alexander Zhebin. Macron called for more pressure on North Korea to bring the country back to the negotiating table, and China's official Xinhua News Agency described Xi as being "adamant" about the denuclearization of the peninsula while also expressing hope that France would play "a constructive role in easing the situation and restarting dialogue".

Speaking to The Associated Press on Tuesday, former South Korean Foreign Minister Yoon Young-kwan acknowledged that North Korea's more powerful bombs and further-reaching missiles are sparking debate about his country's long-term security strategy.

Haley said the US would circulate new draft sanctions and wants the Security Council to vote on them September 11.

N Korea crisis sparks nuclear debate in Japan, S.Korea
N Korea crisis sparks nuclear debate in Japan, S.Korea

Overflights of the Korean Peninsula by heavy bombers such as the B-1B have incensed Pyongyang. "We can solve this problem through diplomatic means".

Known as "freeze for freeze" the proposal calls for Pyongyang to freeze its nuclear program in exchange for the US and South Korea suspending their joint military drills. He said he will continue strategic communication with Russian Federation to resolve it.

The official spoke more bluntly, telling reporters "it's not the time to negotiate with North Korea". If this darkest of scenarios were to play out, the assumption and assessment that North Korea can not yet threaten us would be a strategic mistake of historic proportions.

Trump agreed to support new weapons sales to South Korea and Japan.

In Japan, a series of missile launches from its unpredictable and nuclear-armed neighbour across the sea - including one that crossed Japanese soil - has caused some prominent figures to wonder aloud whether to reconsider the taboo. What if North Korea, with the world's largest standing army, crosses into the South?

Twenty-six years ago this month, in the hopeful aftermath of the Cold War, President George H.W. Bush announced the unilateral withdrawal of all land-based and sea-based tactical nuclear weapons, including from South Korea.

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