Bungie responds to Destiny 2 shaders kerfuffle

Destiny 2 Hunter Nightstalker

The game's developer, ArenaNet, also introduced premium dyes that could only be bought from the in-game shop with Gems (similar to Destiny's Silver), but even those dyes can be sold on the game's trading post for in-game currency, so any player can potentially acquire them and unlock them forever.

However, shaders in "Destiny 2" do not work that way. "We'll tell you more about what awaits you every step of the way". Basically, this feature allows for solo players to team up with clans and groups of high skill level, allowing Raids to be more accessible for newer players. My personal favorite addition to the game are Lost Sectors, hidden areas that can only be found through exploration.

It's more imaginative and visually spectacular than anything in the first game.
The logic there is that you're paying slowly over time for an ever-expanding amount of content, with everything else being cosmetic and unnecessary. All those discussions should include Destiny 2 Expansion 1.

"At the end of the day, Destiny 2 is a fantastic game outside of this one annoying issue".

There is also a clear villain who has a clear goal, and you have a clear way to stop him. Of course, much of this is already known, but if it's an at-a-glance guide you seek, then the roadmap below should help. Still, I came away impressed after playing the story mode on Destiny 2 - both with the gameplay and aesthetics of the blockbuster title. More importantly, its fresh slate gives players a chance to go back to the drawing board, and to reimagine their ideal space superhero. "I've been trying for over an hour!" Their continued engagement is arguably a big reason why Destiny even made it to Destiny 2.

Destiny got better over time, but it never really became the game that many felt it could be.

Edit: first gold off of a Destiny rant I threw up on my break. thanks stranger! Maddeningly, Bungie has refused to do this for Destiny 2. When you take on a larger enemy like an Arsenal Walker - a spider-esque tank with a massive health bar - it feels satisfying because you can actively target its weak points and bring it down faster. With shaders being consumable now, it begs the question of when getting a raid shader set now are they consumable as well?

A little bit of anguish surrounding the armour shaders aside, Destiny 2 has got off to a cracking start - we'll have updated thoughts and impressions from the single player and multiplayer over the weekend - but now that many people have polished off the main campaign and started grinding their way through strikes and events to rank up in preparation for the Raid going live next Wednesday.

From what I can gather, Destiny 2 is a fun game.

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