Xbox One games with mouse and keyboard input are coming soon

Here’s Our First Look at Xbox One Mouse Support in Action

With the Xbox One X offering unprecedented visual fidelity for console gaming fans, many early adopters will be thinking about snapping up a new TV to truly make the most of those native 4K HDR experiences.

Xbox Platform Corporate Vice President Mike Ybarra has reiterated that mouse and keyboard support is on the way for the Xbox One as part of an appearance on a PAX West panel this weekend, confirming that developers are already being assisted in the task of implementing such controls.

Aim assist be damned, keyboard and mouse support is coming.

"A lot of people tweet me and say "you can't do this" because of fairness", Ybarra admits.

For now though the Redmond based giants are busy balancing the keyboard and mouse setup by crossplaying Gears Of War 4. In this respect, players will be able to choose whether to play against "keyboard and mouse people" or "controller people" so that any imbalances are kept to the minimum.

Thus, if a potential customer asks which console should accompany their Samsung 4K TV, the company will recommend Xbox One X; in addition, the director confirmed that both companies are working to have their respective products do the best to optimize the 4K and take advantage of the advertising campaign. You can see the full list of the games already ready for the "Xbox One X Enhanced" indication on it's post on Windows Central. "We'll leave it a lot to the developer choice". The special edition has been sold out but the next shipment of the standard edition is going to come soon so stay tuned for that. "I can't announce what that is, but soon".

In lighter news, Microsoft discontinued the production of the original Xbox One. But the "fairness" issue is definitely one that will have to be addressed in some way shape or form, so it'll be interesting to see how they tackle that, going forward.

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