U.S. woman pulls gun on shopper during fight over notebook

Video footage of a woman pulling out a gun at a Walmart in Novi Mich

An argument broke out between two pairs of women over the last notebook on the shelf at the Novi Towne Center store, according to police.

Scary moments at a Walmart in Novi on Monday afternoon.

No parent will deny that back-to-school shopping can be a tense, unpleasant experience, but it was especially so for customers at a Michigan Walmart this week.

The fight involved two local residents aged 46 and 32, and a mother and daughter from out of town, aged 51 and 20, reports the Detroit Free Press.

'One girl was going to by a notebook, there was one left. "There has been a bit of pushing and shoving, and they began to argue about who had to buy the book", continued the policeman.

Novi Police Det. Scott Baetens told WJBK that she's a valid CPL holder. That mother then pulled out a gun.

"She pulled out her firearm and tells them to stop attacking her daughter while pointing the gun at them", Baetens added.

"It was a senseless act of violence all the way around", a police representative said.

Police spoke with prosecutors who hope to determine if it was self-defense and who the aggressors were.

The woman who pulled out the gun carries a concealed pistol license valid in the state of MI, police said. All four women could be facing charges for assault, which carries a 90-day sentence. Somehow she got to walk out of the store and go through the check-out as though she hadn't just pointed a loaded gun at a woman in the school supplies aisle. No one was hurt.

Unfortunately, it's not known who got the notebook.

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