Germany evacuates more than 60000 people to defuse WWII bomb

Officials want to evacuate 70,000 people on Sunday before disposing of the bomb

The site itself has been sealed off, and city councillor Markus Frank said people living up to 1.5km (0.93m) surrounding the bomb will need to be evacuated before the bomb can be defused.

The 1.8-ton British bomb, over six feet in length, was discovered on a construction site near Frankfurt's Goethe University.

In December a year ago, a British bomb identified as a 4,000 pound blockbuster was found in Augsburg.

Around 70,000 people in Frankfurt will have to leave their homes this weekend in one of the biggest such evacuations in post-war Germany, police said on Thursday, after an unexploded World War-II bomb nicknamed "blockbuster" was uncovered.

A police spokesperson said on Wednesday that 70,000 people will likely have to leave their homes, meaning that nearly one in ten of the city's 717,000 inhabitants will be affected. The Frankfurt bomb was found by researchers using aerial photographs from the immediate aftermath of British bombing raids.

Roads and transport systems, including the underground, will be closed during the work and for at least two hours after the bomb is defused, to allow patients to be transported back to hospitals without traffic.

It is relatively common for unexploded bombs to be found during building work in urban areas in Germany.

The 1.8-ton bomb of a type dropped by British bombers was unearthed Tuesday.

Half of those bombs were dropped on Nazi Germany-and about 10 percent didn't explode on impact.

This is the third time in three weeks that an unexploded World War II bomb has been found in the Bristol Channel.

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