Have Sarah Harding and Chad Johnson had SEX in the CBB house?!

Sam Thompson has a medical reason for his strange behaviour in the CBB house

Love Island might be over for another year but it looks like Celebrity Big Brother is set to take its place... fans were shocked to see some SERIOUSLY steamy scenes between Sarah Harding and Chad Johnson as the couple shared a bed together.

However, Sarah was forced to face up to her antics after she and Chad - who at the time she claimed was her "best friend" - were caught smooching on camera.

Chad and Sarah's relationship has caused controversy for the "Love Machine" hitmaker ever since she revealed she's been dating someone on the outside for the past four weeks.

Chad and Sarah have been trying to control their feelings for each other during their time in the house, with Sarah saying she would never have sex on the show.

"Listen to me, I've been in this business 15 years and you're just starting out". I do love you.

"Fix up, look f***ing sharp and listen to someone who's had the experience, been there, done than and worn the t-shirt". I know I love you though.

"Because you're taking the f**king piss", Sarah replied.

Sam Thompson has a fear of having his neck touched which is called Haphephobia
Sam Thompson has a fear of having his neck touched which is called Haphephobia

"As a person, for sure", Chad insisted.

"Derek. You can kind of see the weight in the trousers and the outline in that leotard did him some favours", she responded. TMI.

"OMG Sarah rubbing Chad's crotch is just wrong on so many levels", said one viewer on Twitter.

"I feel so sorry for Sarah Harding as she seems to be struggling in CBB, but I'd love her to win", she wrote in Star.

Viewers were left gobsmacked by the saucy footage and many couldn't quite believe what they'd just seen...

In an effort to fill the Love Island void, people have turned to Celebrity Big Brother where there the drama is ongoing.

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